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What is Career Guidance and Support?

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05/06/2024 21:00
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    What is Career Guidance and Support?
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    A career guidance system can aid individuals with a range of issues relating to their careers. They can assist individuals in choosing a career path, determine the educational qualifications and training required for specific jobs or assist those who wish to change careers. This also includes providing job search assistance and providing guidance on how to enhance the skills of workers who are already in an industry.

    The process of career guidance starts by identifying the individual’s needs. This could involve a review of the strengths and skills that a person has and also consider their personal characteristics and interests. It can also assist individuals to understand the different career paths they have and compare these with their own capabilities, preferences and aspirations.

    Individuals who seek advice and assistance are often motivated to change their ways or progress up the ladder. It could be that they’re bored at their current job, or they might believe that they’re qualified enough to find a job, but aren’t able to find one.

    A career counselor can assist those who are considering changing jobs by identifying their transferable skills, and reviewing the job descriptions to determine the best job for them. They can also help with interview training and preparation for mock interviews and work-related simulations that give individuals the opportunity to test out various career options before making a decision.

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